SSI Independent Diver recreational

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SSI sidemount recreational

You will learn all the basics, configuration, basics skills and a lot of practice. Three days, maksimum four students

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SSI Independent Diver

You will learn all the basics: Set-up, basics skills and have a lot of practice

The Independent Diver course are three days with theory, configuration, diveplanning an a lot of pratical diving. We will dive in confined water and open water training best practice and skills.

SSI eLearning is included.

Day one:

Theory, configuration, procedures, planning and your gear. We’ll watch a series of videos for reference.

Day two:

Diveplanning, configuration, donning and duffing. Pool/confined water. Safety skills, dive and evaluation.

Day three

Diveplanning,, a dive or two and evaluation of GoPro recordings.


You must have your own system or rent a setup, before training starts.


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