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The videos are showing skills, explaining theory and giving practical tips on diving. is not a diver training course.

UnderTheSurface is not part of any organisation. We’re diving trainers with different background giving you inspiration and showing you how we dive and work on our skills. It’s something extra.

We do not cover advanced or technical scubadiving or advanced Freediving.

We focus on safe recreational diving at start level and we are also very usefull for divers who has been dry for too long.

See you UnderTheSurface

Scuba diver zone

Scuba videos

Trim check

A few drills on how to work with your trim and rotation

About Scuba Masks

Types, styles and how to choose one.

Be Safe – cause no danger

Scuba air and Freedivers


Scuba dive planning

Introduction to SubSurface diveplanning tool

A fast introduction to basic diveplanning and software

Freediver zone


Skill: Duckdive

How To video

Skill: Duckdive

How To video

Free diving line skills

Equalizing head down

Slow descent makes it easier to equalize

Free Immersion freefall practice

No fins skills

Find a calm mind at six meters

Just hanging and focus on your entire body and not time, is super training.

Video showing an example on a freedive line and buoy setup

Weights, line and bouy setup explained.

Free dive playing around

Playing with bouancy

Slowly drifting to the surface

Strong rescue diver in action 🙂

And they lived happily ever after


Wetnotes, correcting trim moving air in drysuit

No comment video

You can book sharkdives in aquariums

Being calm and close