PADI Scuba ReActivate

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PADI ReActivare

Been dry to long or want to upgrade from Junior Scuba Diver to Scuba Diver or Open Water Scuba Diver; eLearning and in-water review

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PADI ReActivate; eLearning and in-water review

We will send you a link to your digital learning. And you can study at home in your own pace. You will dive with an instructor to update your skills.

When you are working with your theory, you can contact us to get help.

You will receive a link in your mail so you can log on to your PADI eLearning. Everything is prepared for you. And every section ends with a quiz. Don’t worry, when you make mistakes you can try again.

In the Classroom section you will find videos to supplement the PADI eLearning.  Your instructor will follow your progress online. If you still have any questions, you just contact us.

After your eLearning we will work on your basic skills in the water.


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