SDI Wreck Diver Specialty

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SDI Vrag Speciality

Det kræver ekstra skills og omhyggelighed når dit team dykker på vrag. Der er to niveauer for SDI Wreck: Kun udvendig og næste niveau er indvendig, hvor du hele tiden kan se udgangen.

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SDI Standards and Procedures Wreck

Version: 0124

The following topics must be covered

1. Motivating Statements:

a. Why wreck dive. b. Potential benefits. c. Beauty. d. Mysteriousness. e. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. f. It’s fun.

2. Down lines and surface supports:

a. Size. b. Material. c. Surface supports: i. Communications, when and if necessary. ii. Back-up procedures.

3. The Buddy System.

4. Buddy Contact:

a. Contact with varied visibility. b. Buddy lines. c. Line signals. d. Buddy positioning in close proximity.

5. Navigation/Charting:

a. Usage of the slate: i. Larger than normal. ii. Pre-dive marking. b. Pre-planning the dive using charts,  other information. c. Directional determination.

6. Disorientation:

With/without buddy. b. Lost buddy. c. Light failure. d. Emergency procedures. 7. Special Equipment: a. Lights: i. Primary and backup. ii. Size. iii. Burn time. iv. Usage. b. Knives and cutting devices.

8. Limited Visibility Diving:

a. Silt-out. b. Psychological considerations.

9. Light usage:

a. Importance of light and backup. b. Dark vision, do not shine light in buddy’s eyes.

10. Lifelines and Reels:

a. Type of line. b. Tie-offs. c. Directional markers. d. Line handling and reeling must be practiced on land prior to performing this skill underwater.

11. Special Emergency Procedures:

a. Safe Wreck: i. As normal, but with considerations for lack of free access to the surface in some cases. b. Hazardous or otherwise unsafe wrecks: i. Must avoid. ii. Don’t enter doors blocked. iii. Entrance restrictions.

12. Mapping the Wreck:

a. Vertical. b. Horizontal. c. Feature Identification.

Required Skill Performance and Graduation Requirements.  Students are required to successfully complete the following.

Dives 1 and 2 are for the non-penetration certification. In addition to dives 1 and 2, dive 3 is required for limited penetration certification; dive 4 is strictly optional for more experience.

1. Open Water Dive 1:

a. Pre-dive review of dive computers. b. Plan dive, to include depth, time and gas consumption. c. Test lights. d. Familiarization with areas. e. Basic charting outside wreck. f. Usage of lines outside wreck, optional. g. Surface and log dive.

2. Open Water Dive 2:

a. Plan dive, to include depth, time and gas consumption. b. Figure surface interval. c. Descend. d. Team complete mapping. e. Usage of lines outside wreck, optional. f. Surface and log dive.

3. Open Water Dive 3:

a. a. Plan dive, to include depth, time and gas consumption. b. b. Descend. c. c. Usage of lines inside wreck, optional. d. d. Surface and log dive.

4. Open Water Dive 4 (Optional):

a. Plan dive, to include depth, time and gas consumption.   Planned dive explained. c. Dive/explore as determined. d. Surface and log dive.

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